• International : for an Arbitral Tribunal, expertise concerning a lot of large machines for the mining sector (Northern Europe, South America)
  • France: for a French utility exploiting a dam, expertise of the failure of a pump-turbine and proposal of remedies
  • Belgium: for a state-owned operator, expertise of the failure of a large pipeline pump group
  • Belgium: judicial expertise concerning a photovoltaic installation
  • Belgium : amicable expertise and conciliation of the parties, dispute about a dehumidifier of a municipal swimming pool
  • Belgium: for an insurance company, expertise of an accident on a large bus bar in a roller mill
  • Belgium : consulting expertise about a dispute concerning an automated carwash installation
  • Belgium : for an insurance company, expertise about an accident having involved the destruction of underground gas pipelines
  • Belgium: consulting expertise concerning a pellets-fired boiler system
  • Belgium: estimation of the commercial value of industrial assets (machines) in view of M&A, pharmaceutical sector
  • Belgium, restaurants sector, consulting expertise concerning a refrigeration system
  • Belgium, restaurants sector, judicial expertise concerning an industrial kitchen installation
  • Belgium, Food & beverages industry, consulting expertise concerning a production line for dosing and filling
  • Belgium, judicial expertise concerning an industrial cogeneration unit (gas and steam-turbines)
  • Belgium, judicial expertise concerning a HVAC installation for an hospital
  • Belgium, for an insurance company, consulting expertise for a large incident on the electrical installation of a new hospital
  • Belgium, amicable expertise, HVAC system in a European Institution
  • Belgium, forensic expertise mandated by a Labour Magistrate, concerning a failed site machinery having induced a lethal accident
  • Belgium, agricultural sector, judicial expertise concerning a failed ventilation system having caused the death of a poultry livestock
  • Belgium, judicial expertise concerning the construction of a pumping station for a Public Authority
  • Belgium, judicial expertise concerning an industrial cement mixing unit
  • Belgium, consulting expertise concerning a logistical distribution and storage line for clothes (bar codes printing)
  • Belgium, third-party expertise concerning an agricultural sprinkling machine



3 mediations conducted for B2B disputes, all concluded by a settlement.



  • For a CE-financed European institution, participation as international expert to a working group CEN CENELEC developing new efficiency standards for water pumps, in line with recent CE directives .
  • On recommendation of the Walloon Administration, member of an international jury for the evaluation of new R&D projects in the sector of SMART GRIDS
  • R&D consulting missions for hydraulic storage of electricity, project financed by the Walloon Administration.

Assistance to pump users in the chemical industry for the selection of new pump groups